The second edition of the "Séminaire Itinérant Géométrie et Physique" will take place in China (2004 July 27- Aug 10).


It will be a two-week event (here are Arrival Instructions). The first week will be devoted to a summer school taking place in Beijing. We have invited 4 main speakers. Each will give three one-hour lectures. We will meet 4 half days and leave the rest of time for discussions & sightseeing. The activity will be in Morningside mathematics center (Beijing), where single room housing will be provided. In case you bring family, we will assist you in finding a hotel nearby (with the understanding that you will pay the expenses of the hotel).

Second week: we will move to Kaifeng, Henan province, an old capital of China. We will meet half day every day and participants will give short talks, the rest of time being left for discussions & sightseeing.

In summary, it will be a relaxing conference emphasizing interaction and discussions.


List of invited speakers